The Winter 2024 edition of your ‘Heart of the Mater’ newsletter drops this week!

Check out the incredible story of how your kindness gave Yvonne her life back.  Read heartfelt messages of thanks from Mater staff and patients. And, find out what’s on our Winter ‘Wish List’.
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This festive season we’re inviting individuals and businesses to light a virtual star over the Mater Hospital and bring hope to patients’ hearts.

As we get ready to gather in our homes and with loved ones this Christmas, let’s remember that this season is also about giving back and sharing our blessings. Join us in spreading the magic of Christmas to those in our hospital – whilst also letting your loved ones know what you mean to them – by lighting a Words of Light Christmas Star over our virtual Mater Hospital!

Leave a special note with your star for your loved ones, or a message of support and light for those spending Christmas in hospital this year. Once created, you can share your star highlighting your proud support of the hospital with your friends, family and colleagues.

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, can light up someone’s holiday and bring hope to their hearts.

Light up here –

Calling on men to take on The Dickie Dip for men’s cancer care

The Mater Hospital Foundation is challenging men to skip the speedos, strip off and brave the chilly waters in nothing but a dickie bow this winter for the annual Dickie Dip fundraiser for men’s cancer care. The dips will take place in Dublin and, for the first time this year, in Co. Mayo.

The Dickie Dip is a life-affirming skinny-dip fundraiser, supporting men’s cancer care in the Mater Public Hospital. The events take place in Dublin on 11th November and in Mayo on 18th Mayo, with exact times and locations to be revealed upon registration.

By joining hundreds of other brave men wading into the sea wearing only a dickie bow, you will be helping to make a life-saving difference for patients in the Mater. Proceeds raised at the events will go towards providing the very best in men’s cancer care and will be put to work where it is needed most in the hospital.

Taking part couldn’t be easier! Simply visit and follow the registration instructions. Everyone who signs up will receive a free dickie bow on the day and will be invited to join our Dickie Dip Facebook Group, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet and chat with your fellow dippers in advance of the November dips.

Mater Hospital Foundation launches The Dickie Dip 2023

Pictured launching the Mater Hospital Foundation’s 2023 Dickie Dip fundraiser for men’s cancer care is Tom Ryan (L) and Dermot Higgins (R) of the Dickie Dip Skerries Committee.

The Dickie Dip has already made a hugely positive impact for the hospital, raising over 325,000 since it was first held in 2018. In 2022 alone, the event raised almost €140,000 for supports to aid in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

This year, the Mater Hospital Foundation hopes to raise even more for men’s cancer care in the Mater, with the help of hundreds of brave dippers making a real splash in Dublin and Mayo.

Commenting on this year’s dips, Mary Moorhead, Chief Executive of the Mater Hospital Foundation says, “We are delighted that The Dickie Dip is returning for 2023 and we’re so excited to be hosting a second dip in Co. Mayo for the first time ever. The brave men who join us every year for this uplifting event are such an inspiring and positive community, committed to making a difference for men’s cancer care and we thank them for all of their support to date.” 

She adds, “The dips would not be possible without our fantastic Dickie Dip Skerries Committee members, who have been with us every step of the way since day one. We hope that men from all across Ireland will take up this fun, exciting and brave challenge. With your help we can continue to have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of men being treated for cancer in the Mater Hospital.” 

To register for The Dickie Dip for men’s cancer care in Dublin on 11th November or Mayo on 18th November, simply visit or call 01 830 3482 to learn more.

Our Autumn edition of our ‘Heart of the Mater’ newsletter drops this week!

Read the incredible story of Martin’s Heart and Liver transplant – another medical ‘first’ in Ireland.  Grab three minutes with Nurse Ciara. Anne tells us of thoughtfulness she’ll never forget. And, Nurse Orla has one simple wish.
Heart of the Mater newsletter for Autumn 2023

Go Pink in October and raise vital funds for 
 breast cancer patients in the Mater Public Hospital

The Mater Hospital Foundation is calling on companies, individuals and communities to take part in its new Go Pink campaign to help raise vital funds for breast cancer care in the Mater Public Hospital. 

Taking place on 18th October, Go Pink is a new fundraising campaign that will support patients with breast cancer by investing funds where they are needed most in the hospital. 

Go Pink for Breast Cancer Care at the Mater Hospital

Pictured launching the Mater Hospital Foundation’s new Go Pink campaign is l-r: Tom Grace, Kabir Kalia and Mater Hospital Foundation Chief Executive Mary Moorhead. To register your business and Go Pink for breast cancer care, visit Pictured launching the Mater Hospital Foundation’s new Go Pink campaign is l-r: Tom Grace, Kabir Kalia and Mater Hospital Foundation Chief Executive Mary Moorhead. To register your business and Go Pink for breast cancer care, visit Pictured launching the Mater Hospital Foundation’s new Go Pink campaign is l-r: Tom Grace, Kabir Kalia and Mater Hospital Foundation Chief Executive Mary Moorhead. To register and Go Pink for breast cancer care, visit

To coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, the Foundation is calling on people across the country to get on board by hosting their own Pink Party. Getting involved couldn’t be easier. You can hold your event on 18th October or whatever date works best for you.

Simply register on the website or by getting in contact with the Mater Hospital Foundation directly and you will receive your free pink specs to bring even more razzle dazzle to your go Pink event.

Your party can be as simple or elaborate as you like, and the funds you raise will be put to work to support women and men with breast cancer from all across Ireland. Your colleagues and friends will be tickled pink to take part, knowing that they will be having a positive impact on the lives of so many Mater Hospital patients.

Hosting your own Go Pink breakfast, brunch, event or activity is such an easy and fun way to bring people together, create a real sense of togetherness in your workplace or community and make a huge difference in the Mater Hospital. 

Every day, patients with breast cancer receive world-class care in the Mater Hospital, and the Mater Hospital Foundation is committed to standing with each and every one of them and ensuring that the Mater’s doctors and nurses have the tools they need to continue to provide the very best care.  

Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, the Mater Hospital Foundation has helped to make so much possible in the Mater Hospital, from enhancing the Breast Health unit to funding life-saving equipment and supporting ground-breaking research.

Commenting on the new Go Pink fundraising campaign, Mater Hospital Foundation Chief Executive Mary Moorhead says, “We are so excited to be launching this colourful campaign for companies, communities and individuals right across Ireland. It is a great opportunity to have some fun, embrace your silly side and bring your colleagues or friends together, all while making a real and lasting difference for patients with breast cancer in the Mater Public Hospital.”

She adds, “Add a splash of colour to your October by taking part in this extraordinary event. When you sign up, we will send you your very own Go Pink event pack with everything you need to make your Pink Party a real success and we have a whole host of downloadable resources that will help make your event extra special.”

To register today to host your own Go Pink Party, simply visit our website – or call the Mater Hospital Foundation on 01 830 3482 to find out more about how your workplace or community can get involved this October.

Mater Hospital performs 1000th Robotics-Assisted Surgery.

The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital has reached an important milestone this month, as surgeons complete the 1000th robotics-assisted surgery.

The Robotic Surgical Programme is now in its fifth year, having been launched in 2019. Thanks to the generosity of the Mater Hospital Foundation’s supporters across Ireland, the hospital secured a state-of-the-art Da Vinci XI robot.

Mater Hospital performs 1000th Robotic surgery.

Since its launch, the programme has immeasurably improved outcomes for cancer patients and their families and has quickly expanded to involve sixteen surgeons across six specialities, including Urology, Cardiothoracic, Colorectal, Head and Neck, Gynaecology, and Hepatobiliary.

As a national university training hospital, the Mater Hospital plays a key role in building robotics expertise for Irish healthcare.

Mr Greg Nason, Consultant Urologist in the Mater Hospital who performed the 1000th surgery says, “The Robotic Programme in the Mater has been a great success thanks to the Mater Hospital Foundation’s generosity. The expertise that has been established within the hospital from a nursing and medical perspective has allowed us to offer a multi-speciality programme to our patients. Within urology, robotic surgery is now the standard for most major prostate and bladder cancers as well as many kidney cancers.”

Mr Nason explains the many benefits of this type of advanced surgery, “The robotic platform allows surgeons perform difficult procedures with better magnification and fine movements due to the small robotic instruments ultimately leading to a less invasive operation for patients. Overall, the patient experience is improved due to smaller incisions, less blood loss and less pain resulting in them going home earlier and having an easier recovery. Our robotic programme has gone from strength to strength due to the enthusiasm within the hospital and will continue to expand to offer timely robotic surgery to more and more Mater patients.”

Commenting on the programme and the 1000th robotics-assisted procedure, Alan Sharp, CEO of the Mater Hospital says, “The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital has long been at the centre of groundbreaking moments in medical care, that are continuing to change and improve the lives of people across Ireland. Many of these pioneering initiatives have been made possible because of the generosity of Mater Hospital Foundation supporters.”

Chief Executive of the Mater Hospital Foundation Mary Moorhead says, “We are so proud of the role that our supporters have played in making the Robotic Assisted Surgical Programme a reality and helping the hospital reach this important milestone. Through their kindness and generosity, our community of care nationwide is continuing to make transformative change possible in our hospital.”

She adds, “None of this would be possible without the skill and technical expertise of the Mater’s surgical teams. I would like to pay tribute to every clinician involved in the Robotic Surgical Programme for their work in improving outcomes for cancer patients.”

To find out more about the Mater Hospital Foundation and to support the life-saving work that happens in the Mater Hospital every day, visit

Reach new heights in support of the Mater Public Hospital!

Join us on Friday, 29th September in Dalkey Quarry and take on a team-building event that soars above the rest!

Experience the thrill of abseiling down an 82ft vertical cliff, pushing your limits, and uniting for a memorable day in support of a great cause.

By accepting this daring challenge, you will bring comfort, care and hope to patients and families at the Mater. Funds raised will provide life-saving equipment, helping doctors and nurses to deliver the very best care and outcomes to their patients. Your company will make an important social impact, joining our incredible community of care that is bringing compassionate care to families throughout Ireland.

To find out more or book your team’s place

Email our Corporate Partnerships Manager John Dwyer –


Click here for all the details and access to the Registration Form.

Our Summer edition of our ‘Heart of the Mater’ newsletter drops this week!

You can read about how innovative surgery helped Derek battle Stage 4 cancer in two organs.  Spend three minutes with Nurse Joy. Hear about Tara’s Breast Cancer battle. And, see what’s on our Summer Wish List for the hospital.
Mater Hospital Foundation Summer Newsletter

We’ve got some exciting news…

We are delighted to share some exciting news with you today, as we unveil our new updated name and a refreshed look and feel! The Mater Foundation will now be known as the Mater Hospital Foundation. We have also refreshed our logo, which symbolises the powerful connection between the hospital, its patients, families and staff, the Foundation, and our nationwide community of supporters.

With your continued support, we can deliver even more impact for patients right across the hospital in the weeks, months and years ahead. We will continue to listen to and work closely with you – our supporters – who are at the heart of everything we do and celebrate your important place in our Mater Hospital community.

The Mater Foundation has been proudly raising funds to support the great work of the hospital since 1985. In fact, thanks to the kindness and generosity of our supporters, we have invested €44million to support projects across the Mater in that time. So much has been achieved by working hand-in-hand with you – our community of supporters across Ireland and beyond. It is such a privilege to be part of this unique and powerful community of care.

Thank you for being with us on every step of this important journey.

You will start to see us using this updated look and name across our website and all of our social channels, so do give us a like and a share where you spot it!

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Mater Hospital’s ICU Nursing initiative in partnership with Meagher’s Pharmacy

ICU is often the most traumatic experience for patients. They can arrive at the Mater Hospital from all across the country having undergone huge trauma, and are very unwell and extremely vulnerable. Typically, they will arrive without any belongings and their care needs mean they are unable to get out of bed to shower. They may have been unconscious for days or even weeks and have matted hair, dry or sore skin, chapped lips, etc.

The Mater’s inspirational Intensive Care Nursing team wanted to deliver extra comfort to these most vulnerable of patients by providing small essential products that can make a big difference to their patients’ care.

That’s where Meagher’s Pharmacy came in. They generously offered to support the initiative and kindly donated care packs with male and female hygiene products such as detangling hair shampoo, lip balm, toothpaste, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, razors, shaving foam, etc..

Below are members of the ICU team – Laura Ahern, Claudia Quinn and Olivia Rahill – with Annie Halligan, Supervising Pharmacist at Meagher’s Pharmacy, Mater Hospital, collecting the delivery of critical care comfort products.

Meaghers Pharmacy presenting our ICU nursing team with care packs

Thank you to Oonagh O’Hagan and all the fabulous team at Meagher’s for supporting our amazing ICU Nursing staff in this wonderful initiative.