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Patient Stories

At the Mater Hospital Foundation, we see the human side of the Mater Hospital every day.

The patients receiving exceptional care while undergoing treatment have amazing stories to tell. They highlight not only their bravery in times of difficulty, but also the wonderful care of the doctors, nurses and hospital staff that helped them through it.

Take a look at their special stories in their own words.

Read Chris’s Story

Born with a rare congenital heart condition, effective treatment and a determined attitude has allowed Chris live a full life to date. Now, with additional heart surgery scheduled at the Mater, he faces a new challenge.

Ray Holmes Patient Story

Read Ray’s Story

Ray has been a stalwart of the Mater’s Pathology Lab for more than 20 years. A lover of physical challenges, he felt indestructible until his doctor identified a heart murmur. Serious surgery and rehab challenges lay ahead.

Tina Porter Patient Story

Read Tina’s Story

Tina contracted double pneumonia in November 2022. She was struggling to battle the condition and needed the intervention and support of the ECMO Team from the Mater Public Hospital to help her turn the corner.

Catriona Doyle's Patient Story

Read Catriona’s Story

Catriona received a double cancer diagnosis in late 2016 at the age of 46. She takes on challenges and events to raise funds and give something back. There are still mountains to climb, but Catriona’s meeting the challenge head on.

Derek Colman Mater Hospital Patient Story

Read Derek’s Story

Derek was away with his wife celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary when he started to feel very unwell. It turned out that he had Stage 4 cancer in two organs. Ground breaking surgery has given Derek hope for the battle ahead.

Zoë Kelly's Mater Hospital Patient Story

Read Zoë’s Story

Zoë had a cardiac arrest in 2017, aged 36. She needed an immediate operation to implant a dual lead ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator). Regular monitoring continues to reassure Zoë and her family.

Chanelle Loughnane Mater Patient Story

Read Chanelle’s Story

At Christmas 2021, Chanelle was fighting for her life having just delivered her baby son at 32 weeks. A year later she could look forward to celebrating Christmas with her children and family, and to living life to the fullest.

Susan Power Mater Patient Story

Read Susan’s Story

Susan lost both her Mam and her brother at a young age to heart disease. When she started to get fainting spells ten years ago, she didn’t realise there would be a genetic connection and that a life-saving heart transplant lay ahead.

Alan Markey Mater Hospital Patient Story

Read Alan’s Story

Like most 25 year olds, Monaghan native Alan Markey thought he was invincible. He was busy with life, work and a passion for Gaelic Football, but had a numbing dull pain in his back that just wouldn’t go away.

Edita Hyland - Mater Hospital Patient Story

Read Edita’s Story

A regular and avid gym goer, Edita was a little taken aback when she woke with a pain in her breast in December 2014. Since then, she’s had to take on breast cancer three times, plus the discovery of the BRAC 1 gene.

Mater Hospital - Patient Story Francis Boylan

Read Francis’s Story

Cavan man, Francis, is a regular visitor to the Mater. His battles throughout the last forty-one years mean he understands and appreciates more than most the vital importance of the National Heart and Lung Unit at the Hospital.

Mater Hospital - Gemma Murray Patient Story

Read Gemma’s Story

Gemma was a busy, working Mam of four when her life changed on hearing the word cancer. She was diagnosed with tumours in both breasts and so began a journey filled with hospital treatments and whirlwind emotions.

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Perhaps you have an experience of being treated in the hospital that you’d like to share? Maybe you have been inspired to raise funds or take part in one of our campaigns, events, or fundraising challenges to help those needing treatment, and their families, when they attend The Mater Hospital? Whatever your story is, we’d love to hear it.

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