Organise Your Own Event

Friends, family, people yet to meet – get creative and organise something special for the Mater

Organise Your Own Event

The great thing about fundraising is that it allows you to play with imaginative ideas that bring people together for a good cause. At the Mater Hospital Foundation, we love it when supporters tell us about their ideas.

Our supporters have organised charity football matches, mountain hike challenges, cycle events, coffee mornings, sky dives, concerts, raffles and much, much more. We are incredibly humbled that you put so much effort into raising vital money for the Mater Hospital. There is no limit to what you can do – and we are here to help you plan it!

The Planning

If you have an idea already, you’ve got one of the hardest parts over! It can be tough to decide exactly what will fit and how to make it a success. The most important part is thinking your plan through and asking some questions:

  • Before You Start: Have you an event venue in mind and a date to host it? Would you like to set a fundraising target to motivate people to make it happen.
  • What Are the Costs?: Try to estimate how much it will cost to run the event, and perhaps identify local businesses that might be able to help out.
  • Spread the Word: After arranging permits and insurance (if necessary), tell your local newspaper and radio about it, post on Facebook, put up posters and make sure people hear about your event!

Create a Fundraising Page

You might prefer to fundraise at the event or do it all online. Perhaps you’ll use a combination of both, but creating an online fundraising page at Just Giving or Everyday Hero takes the strain of handling money off you and means donations come straight to us while you can track the amount.

We’re here to help you all along the way, so please get in touch with us on (01) 8303482 or fill out the form below with your idea, planned date, and venue/location. After that we can assist with some elements of planning from our own experience.

We can also send you:

  • Sponsorship Cards, T-shirts, Buckets, poster design, and any other helpful items for your event!

Thank you for thinking of the Mater Hospital and the best of luck in your event!

If you’re thinking of organising an event or have already begun, please get in touch so we can support!

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