Cancer Care

The Mater Hospital offers a national service for cancer patients from around Ireland, and last year treated over 8,000 on its day ward

Excellence in patient care

The oncology team in the Mater Hospital take wonderful care of people with a variety of cancers, and they receive a range of treatments including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and newer techniques such as immunotherapy that form part of its clinical trials and research projects.

In 2016, the new Cancer Day Unit opened in the Mater and this was in no small part down to our supporters raising an incredible €625,000 to equip it with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

The unit replaced a cramped and often overcrowded area, meaning now patients are treated with dignity, and with loved ones beside them.


Focusing on the future

With the immense support for the Cancer Day Unit, the Mater Foundation is now working with the hospital to ensure new and important services are added to cancer care.

  • Establishing a dedicated phone line to the unit so patients can seek advice and support from nurses – all from the comfort of their home
  • Investment in cancer clinical trials to patients in Ireland at the centre of global research and benefits
  • Providing additional equipment for the Cancer Day Ward

Women’s Cancer


The Mater Foundation is extremely proud to support BreastHealth Mater, which offers support and care to women who are being tested, in treatment, or recovering after breast cancer.

BreastHealth Mater sees 14,000 new attendances each year and around 700 new cases are diagnosed annually, meaning there is a big pressure on resources to continuing providing such an important service to more and more women who need it.

The foundation also focuses its fundraising on assisting the Mater Hospital to care for women with ovarian cancer, amongst others, to make sure women and their families are looked after in a calm and comfortable space.

Some of the crucial investments made possible by our supporters include:

  • Funding a lymphedema service to ensure women suffering its painful effects are diagnosed and treated promptly
  • Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day: The foundation supports and information event that provides women access to first-hand information on breast reconstruction after a mastectomy
  • Brest Cancer Survivor App: For mobile devices, the app was developed to help women in recovery to live healthier lives after treatment and avoid recurrence of problems

The Mater Foundation also supports research into beating cancer

Patient Stories

We are privileged to meet some remarkable and inspiring patients that have spent time getting better in the Mater Hospital, and on many occasions, the treatment they received has saved their lives. Please take a moment to read their stories.


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