Tax Efficient Giving

How Tax Efficient Giving works

Did you know… If you donate €250 or more in a calendar year, the Mater Hospital Foundation can claim a tax rebate on your kind donations from the Revenue?

Your generosity to sick people in Ireland can grow by an additional €112 or 45% – at no extra cost to you. All you need to do is sign and return the CHY3 tax form, which only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Your donations are eligible if:

  • your donation is worth €250 or more to the Mater Hospital Foundation in a calendar year while resident in Ireland.
  • you paid income tax during the year in question.
  • or you are retired and have a pension, investment, or assets that you paid income tax or capital gains on
  • or you are self-employed/self-assessed,
  • or you are jointly assessed for tax with your tax-paying spouse.

What you need to do

To allow the Mater Hospital Foundation to reclaim a tax rebate from Revenue on your kind donation, all you have to do is complete the CHY3 form here or by clicking on the form below.

CHY3 Form for Tax Efficient Giving

The CHY3 form is valid for five years. This means that the Mater Hospital Foundation will securely store your form for five years and, for each year that you donate €250 or more to the Mater Hospital Foundation, we can claim tax back from Revenue on your kind donation.

Only you can set these tax funds free – without your signature the unclaimed money will never get the chance to help sick people in Ireland.

If you would prefer to complete an annual form each year, you can download and complete the CHY4 form here.

Eleanor Hughes - Tax Efficient Giving OfficerIf you would like help or would like a form posted to you, please contact our tax efficient giving officer Eleanor on 01 803 2060 or

She would be delighted to help you.

Simple Steps to completing online CHY3 form

Completing the online CHY3 tax form takes less than two minutes of your time. Just follow the below quick and easy steps:

  1. Click the online CHY3 tax form
  2. Complete the fields indicated: Name, PPS, Address, Phone no, Email
  3. Under the first tax year, put in the first calendar year in which you donated €250 or more to the Mater Hospital Foundation (the year must be within the last 4 years).
  4. Then sign and date at the bottom. No need to tick the associated box.
  5. When that’s done, a ‘click to sign’ blue button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Just click that to complete the form.

Your Privacy

The Mater Hospital Foundation will store your tax form information securely and only for the purposes of obtaining tax rebates from the Revenue. Revenue pays the tax relief to the Mater Hospital Foundation when satisfied that you have paid at least the donation amount in tax. The Mater Hospital Foundation does not receive any information on individual taxpayers.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Patient Stories

We are privileged to meet some remarkable and inspiring patients that have spent time getting better in the Mater Hospital, and on many occasions, the treatment they received has saved their lives. Please take a moment to read their stories.


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