About us

The Mater Foundation is the official fundraising body of the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital



Every sick person in Ireland will have timely access to world class healthcare when they need it.



We will harness our supporters’ kindness and generosity and work together with our partners to continuously transform and improve patient care at The Mater Hospital. We will ensure that The Mater Hospital is at the forefront of research and innovation and is a leader for healthcare in Ireland.



We are a strategic, caring and responsible organisation. We are entrusted by our supporters to honour their commitment and dedication by putting their vital donations and philanthropic supports to the most impactful use to help provide world-class patient care at The Mater Hospital. We are driven by six values: • Integrity • Honesty • Transparency • Compassion • Respect • Excellence

The Mater Foundation makes a real difference to patients by providing services and funding equipment that otherwise would not exist. Through our grants programme we dare to go beyond the traditional fields of funding to ensure that patients attending all areas of the hospital receive the best we can offer.

About The Mater Foundation

We have one specific goal – to improve patient care in the Mater. Our supporters help us achieve this by investing in state-of-the-art equipment that makes diagnosis and treatment more efficient and effective, enhancing facilities to create a comfortable and caring environment, and financing research that ensures the Mater is leading the way in medical innovation.

It is our supporters that make this a reality for over 315,000 patient visits in the Mater Public Hospital each year. Established in 1985, we are the official fundraising charity for the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and also the largest adult hospital foundation in Ireland.

Meet our team

The staff of the Mater Hospital touch the lives of thousands of people across Ireland every year. For all of us at the foundation, we feel it’s a huge privilege to work to help them care for some of the sickest that enter the hospital, and are always on hand to help you support them.

Mary Moorhead

Chief Executive

Andrea Neill

Head of Finance and Operations

David Burns

Campaigns and Community Manager

John Dwyer

Head of Philanthropy and Partnerships

Eleanor Hughes

Supporter Care & Database Officer

Hazel Beattie

Grants Officer

Ailish White

Marketing and Communications Officer

Board of Directors

Mr Neil Bannon (Chairperson),  Ms Clodagh O’Brien, Mr Harry McIntyre,

Dr Brian Marsh, Ms Orlaith Fortune,

Ms Karen Herbert, Mr. John Fogarty, Mr Alan Sharp, Mr Aidan O’Connell


Each year we produce a wide range of publications that range from information brochures to annual reports. As we could not exist without those who give generously of their money, time and energy, you’ll see within how we invest your donations to make a real difference to patients of the Mater Hospital.

To be transparent and open about all of our fundraising activities, we keep them here for you to read.

Fundraising principles

The Mater Foundation is committed at all times to treating its donors and supporters with the highest level of care and respect. To that end, we follow national guiding principles for fundraising and have developed a donor charter to which we always adhere.

The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

Founded in 1852 – and officially opening its doors in 1861 – the Mater Hospital currently serves around 315,000 patients from throughout Ireland every year. It is rooted in the heart of Dublin City, East Leinster and indeed the nation.


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