Door to Door

Our door to door fundraising team are currently recruiting monthly donors

Door to Door fundraising

Door-to-Door fundraising employs a team of Mater Hospital Foundation fundraisers who call to people’s homes to talk about the work of the Mater Hospital, asking the homeowner or family member for support by setting up a monthly direct debit. The team may also be present at fixed sites like supermarkets. This form of giving ensures we have a consistent income to help plan for the long-term.

Mater Hospital Foundation door-to-door fundraisers will carry an ID badge, will usually wear a Mater Hospital Foundation branded jacket and adhere to the highest possible standards under the codes of practice for Door to Door Fundraising. They will be happy to talk to you about the work of the foundation and how it supports patient care in the hospital.

Mater Foundation Door to Door Fundraising Team

Monthly giving is of great importance to us as it allows us to plan for the future and support the Mater Hospital, as we know there’s a reliable source of income to count on.

Our fundraising areas this week (17th June 2024) are:

    • Arklow
    • Balbriggan
    • Rathfarnham/South Rathmines

Your Donations

The direct debit you set up goes towards the areas of most need in the Mater Hospital. We make sure the funds are invested in new and crucial equipment, education and research, and to redevelop areas of the hospital such as wards and family rooms. Our fundraisers will be glad to explain this in more details to ensure you are satisfied with where your money is invested.

Current Needs

As part of the National Critical Care expansion programme, the Mater Hospital committed to increasing its ICU capacity during 2022 in order to alleviate the burden placed on its healthcare workers and resources as a result of the Covid -19 pandemic. There are currently 18 ICU bed in The Mater Hospital.

By the end of 2022 a further 16 additional ICU beds were opened and operational, an 89% increase in capacity. This has had a transformative impact on patients, healthcare workers and families.

The Mater Hospital Foundation now needs to raise €500,000 in order to equip these new beds in ICU.

Funds raised will go towards specialist life-saving equipment such as:

  • Defibrillators
  • ECG machines
  • Patient monitors
  • IV equipment
  • Dynomaps
  • Oxygen flowmeters
  • ECMO machines

This is a very exciting project that will support the National programme to increase the overall ICU bed capacity in the country. It will also allow the Mater Hospital to increase activity and reduce waiting lists, ensuring better outcomes for all patients and families.

What about my details?

Your banking details are:

    • 100% safe and secure with the Foundation
    • All data is handled in line with industry standards
    • Encrypted at all times.

Cancelling your Direct Debit

If you would like to cancel or reduce your direct debit, please contact the Mater Hospital Foundation on the details below. It is also advisable to get in touch with your bank too. If you have any questions or concerns about our door-to-door fundraising, please contact us on (01) 830 3482.

Patient Stories

We are privileged to meet some remarkable and inspiring patients that have spent time getting better in the Mater Hospital, and on many occasions, the treatment they received has saved their lives. Please take a moment to read their stories.


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