Family Heart Screening

Since opening in 2007, the Mater’s Family Heart Screening Clinic has tested over 11,000 people for inherited cardiac conditions

Why heart screening is so important

Each week in Ireland, one person under the age of 35 passes away from an inherited heart condition such as Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) or Long QT Syndrome.

An inherited cardiac condition is disease that can be passed down through generations of a family, and, if left untreated, can be fatal. However, with screening and identification, steps can be taken to prevent this outcome and a family the pain of losing a loved one.

The Family Heart Screening Clinic is supported every year by the Mater Hospital Foundation, and the heart tests and the staff required to carry them out would not exist without this incredible generosity. The clinic is now a public Mater service and there is no charge for a patient to be seen or to have their tests.

If you think you or your family should be considered for cardiac screening because of a family history of SADS or a genetic heart condition in a young person, you should seek a referral through your GP. If your family are already attending and you wish to be seen to, please contact the clinic directly.


The Mater Family Heart Screening Clinic

The Mater’s Family Heart Screening Clinic tests at-risk families for potentially life-threatening cardiac conditions such as SADS. At the clinic, patients undergo tests such as:

  • an electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • an ultrasound of the heart
  • treadmill exercises
  • a referral for genetic testing.

With screening and identification of inherited cardiac problems, medical interventions can be taken to prevent a family the pain of losing a loved one.


How supporters are helping

Since 2007 when the Family Heart Screening Clinic opened, our supporters have given immense amounts of time, energy and generosity to support the clinic. Our supporters have helped fund:

  • Nurse positions and a genetic counsellor
  • Holter monitors to provide continuous recording of heart rate and rhythm over 24 hours
  • Vital equipment for screening adults and children


Patient Stories

We are privileged to meet some remarkable and inspiring patients. Read how your donations are changing, and saving, their lives.


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