Lana is one of our amazing fundraisers taking part in our ‘3000 Squats in November’ challenge, raising funds to support breast cancer care. Here she shares her inspiring story and her motivation for taking on the challenge.

“I had a brain tumour when I was in my early 20s, which required several operations and extensive treatment. So, I am very familiar with all the feelings that can arise when you develop cancer and undergo treatment – just how frightening it can be.

I have survived and recovered somewhat from my brain tumour. The key lesson I have learned from that is, as a survivor, you should never take life for granted and that nothing is impossible, so never give up!

Although I am disabled, following my illness, I go to my local gym a lot. That means doing squats is pretty easy for me! Actually, I am a bit of a fitness fanatic, so I thought why not join the November Squat Challenge and do the exercise for a good cause? After all, I regularly attend the Mater Hospital for specialist appointments and tests.

The format used – building up to a target over a month – gives me a clear goal and keeps me motivated. It also gives me a chance to do something to help other people going through treatment in the health system. I’m not only somebody who requires help, but I can also help others in my own way.

I think that we are very fortunate in Ireland to have access to world-class breast cancer health care, but there is always additional equipment or services that can make a breast cancer patient’s life more comfortable or bearable during, and after, treatment.

The November Squats challenge has been great for my own health. And I’m just glad that I can somehow help others.  I know our fabulous group of ‘Squats Challengers’ will keep on pushing until the end to raise as much money as possible, to positively impact lives.”

Lana, Co. Dublin

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