Will you help care for some of our most vulnerable patients?


You do it 22,000 times a day without even needing to think about it. You’re doing it now. Breathing — replenishing your lungs with life-giving oxygen.

It might seem over the top to use that old saying — ‘every breath is a gift’ – but if you can help bring even one more ventilator to the Mater, every breath will be a gift.

The Mater’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is in urgent need of expansion. Here’s the plan — Sixteen new critical care beds. Hundreds more lives saved every year.

But every new bed needs its own ventilator so our doctors and nurses can provide critical, life-saving care to every patient.

Will you support this urgent appeal with a gift today and be a vital part of bringing one more life-saving ventilator to the Mater?


Your kindness can make such a difference

Critical Care Consultant at the Mater, Dr. Colman O'Loughlin

Dr Colman O’Loughlin, Critical Care Consultant at the Mater Hospital ICU


“We need 12 new ventilators for new ICU beds. Your support of the Mater Hospital Foundation means so much because, when we need extra equipment like this, it could take a lot longer to arrive when we go through other funding channels — or maybe not arrive at all. But it’s extra equipment that will save lives.

Your help and generosity are a part of what the Mater is — a historic part of what the Mater is. All of us in the ICU are very much aware of your help and very much appreciate it.

Dr. Colman O’Loughlin, Critical Care Consultant at the Mater Hospital.


Mater Hospital Dublin Critical Care Appeal

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)


If you can help provide  just one more ventilator to the Mater’s ICU, your kindness has the power to help save hundreds of Ireland’s most critically ill and injured people every single year…

Please give if you can.


Thousands of people across Ireland — maybe even someone you know and love — are walking and talking today, thanks in no small part to a ventilator. It’s technology that literally breathes life into your lungs when you can’t.

Intensive Care

Let us tell you about one young man who wouldn’t be here today without this life-saving piece of equipment.

He’s only a young lad, in his early 20s. We’ll call him Tom. Although, you understand we can’t give his real name.

Tom had the world at his feet until one day, he started to struggle to breathe. He was transferred here from his local hospital, and it was here we discovered he has a rare disease which affects the lungs. He needed to be on a ventilator for weeks and weeks. He’s not out of the woods yet, but he’s recovering a little more each day.

It’s no exaggeration to say that without the ventilator, Tom wouldn’t be alive today. His parents would be without their beautiful, beloved boy.


Thank you for being the heart of our hospital and for giving what you can.

Patient Stories

We are privileged to meet some remarkable and inspiring patients that have spent time getting better in the Mater Hospital, and on many occasions, the treatment they received has saved their lives. Please take a moment to read their stories.


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