Humans of the Mater

At the Mater Foundation, we see the human side of the Mater Hospital every day.

The patients receiving exceptional care while receiving treatment have amazing stories to tell, that highlight not only their bravery in times of difficulty, but also the wonderful care of the doctors and nurses that helped them through it.

Take a look at their special stories in their own words.


“I’d just turned 22 and was doing a traineeship in Brussels, when doctors found a tumour in my chest. It was Hodgkin’s lymphoma – I moved home to get chemo that summer. For the next 3 years, I was in and out of treatment in the Mater. My tumour shrunk to 4cm with immunotherapy, and I had surgery to remove it completely. I lost half of my lung capacity following the open chest surgery. But I was so happy that it was finally physically gone. I don’t think I believed that I was actually in remission until I had a final scan done on my lymph nodes last summer. The scan came back clear! I started bawling crying. Now I feel I can move on with the rest of my life.”

Tara, Co. Louth

“I was diagnosed with a heart condition when I was 16. I’d never really known life with a good heart. But I knew I would eventually need a transplant. In April of last year I went into hospital for a check-up. I was living with my fiancée at the time. I can’t remember much – I was told I went straight to ICU to be put on life support that evening. My heart basically stopped. It took a month to stabilise me, get me ready for a heart transplant. And a month later I walked out of the hospital with a new heart, my brother and my beautiful fiancée by my side. I feel great now. And it just goes to show, from the first days on life support to walking out of the hospital with my loving family, that if you never quit, never give in, then you can survive anything.”

Simon, Co. Dublin.

“It’s just over 2 years since the car I was in lost control and hit a stone wall. My spine split in two…my consultant said it was like I was cut in half with a machete. The vertebrae was broken but the spinal cord survived. I was so, so lucky. I had surgery in the Mater where they put metal into my back to stabilise the fracture. I was in excruciating pain but the staff were all unbelievable. It is only in the last six months that I am actually back walking properly. I actually never thought I would be able to do that!”

Mandy, Co. Wexford

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