Marilyn’s Mater Paddle

Well hello there Darlings! Are you ready for the most swinging, glamorous and glitzy event of the summer? Join us at Marilyn’s Mater Paddle 🏖️, taking place August Bank Holiday Sunday, 4th August on Bray Promenade, all to support women’s cancer care in the Mater Public Hospital.

💍 I want to ‘boop boop be do’ it, but how?

Ready to become part of this iconic event? To get your name on the guest list:

Click here to pay just €25 to secure your spot and start your fundraising today!

Your ticket will get you entry to the paddle and the Marilyn Mixer after-party, as well as your Paddle Pack, complete with platinum Marilyn wig👱🏾‍♀️, retro red shades🕶️ and 1950s beach ball to make you the perfect Seaside Star.

All you need to bring is bring your own dress or swimsuit and your favourite shade of red lippy to really bring the look to life.

So, grab your ticket🎟️, start practicing your best Marilyn pose, and get ready to paddle like a Hollywood legend! And don’t forget to tell your pals so they can be part of THE event of the season too💃! Get your ticket now!

💍 How do I fundraise?

When you purchase your Marilyn’s Mater Paddle ticket, an Eventmaster fundraising page will automatically be set up for you. Just check your inbox to get your page link. Log in to personalise your page and share with family, friends and colleagues!

💍 Get a team together!

Taking part with a group of friends? Why not create a team! Simply choose ‘create a team’ and give it a snazzy name. Then let your friends know to join your team when they buy their ticket!

💍 Supporting women’s cancer care journey

This red-carpet affair isn’t just for the close-ups and the Tinseltown star quality (although it will be full of both!), it’s to make a real difference for all those women who come to the Mater Hospital in need of cancer care.

Warm-hearted supporters like you have already helped us make so much possible for our sisters needing cancer treatment. From helping make a cutting-edge PET/CT a reality to funding a state-of-the-art mammogram machine and helping give our Breast Health Unit the star make-over treatment, people like you are helping our hospital really shine for people who need it most.

I’d like to introduce you to one of our very own silver-screen stars, Tara ‘Prosecco’ Smith. If ever a woman embodied the meaning of Hollywood glamour…it’s her. But her breast cancer journey has been a difficult one. As she says herself:

“For me, my journey has a destination, it’s a positive destination, but it’s a rocky road. I can come in here knowing that my cancer was removed from my breast successfully, and a ‘dot’ removed from 1 of 4 lymph nodes during the same surgery. My cancer is gone. I am absolutely BLESSED! I know how lucky I am.”

Who would have thought that splashing in the sea in your best retro rigout could make such a difference for women like Tara? But it CAN! We would love to see your name in lights on our Marilyn’s Mater Paddle guestlist. As we always say, will you ‘boop boop be do’ it for Tara, and for each and every woman who comes to the Mater in need of cancer care?

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