The Dickie Dip

Could you brave the Irish sea wearing only a dickie bow if it meant making a life-saving difference?

If so, then strip off and join us at a private beach in Skerries on Saturday 9th November 2019 for the Dickie Dip.

The Dickie Dip is a life-affirming skinny-dip fundraiser for male cancer care in the Mater Public Hospital, which is taking place on the 9th of November 2019 from 10.30am to 1pm at a secret location in Skerries disclosed only to registered participants. We have a Facebook Group for this event where you can learn more about it and pick the preferred time for your dip.

By joining hundreds of other men wading into the winter-cold Irish Sea wearing only a dickie bow on 9th November 2019, you’ll be making a life-saving difference for prostate cancer patients. Proceeds raised will go towards state-of-the-art surgical equipment in the Mater Public Hospital. The benefits include minimally invasive surgical care, reduced blood loss and infection, shorter hospital stays for patients and a quicker return home to family and friends.

We have created a Facebook Group of people like you who are interested in this cause and the challenge. Join it to learn more and sign up for a free starter pack.

Any questions? Take a look at the FAQ below, or call David, our Community Fundraising Officer, on 01 803 2061.

The Dickie Dip FAQs

What is the Dickie Dip? What do I have to do to take part?
The Dickie Dip is an all-male, bare-all swim happening on the 9th November 2019 from 10.30am to 1pm to raise awareness and funds for male cancer care at the Mater Public Hospital. Participants are braving the Irish Sea wearing only a dickie bow at a secret location in Skerries. To learn where the beach is, and to register for the event, just join our Facebook Group and fill out this sign up form.

How much does it cost to register?
As this is a fundraising event, there is no direct registration cost. We are instead asking all participants to raise money for patient care by setting up a Facebook Fundraising Page for the event, and we will also be providing everyone with a sponsorship card. Of course, you can always donate to your own fundraising page along with anything you raise from family, friends and colleagues at work.

Is there a minimum amount to fundraise?
No, there is no strict minimum amount to fundraise for the Dickie Dip. Instead, you’ll be asked to set a target of at least €100 for your Facebook Fundraising Page and to promote that page to your friends and family. But if you don’t reach your target, you’ll still be able to participate in the event and raise awareness.

How do I set up a Facebook Fundraising Page?
It takes just a minute to set up a Facebook Fundraising Page. Click on this link and wait for the pop-up to set up a page. Be sure to add Dickie Dip to your page title so we can easily find you and make double sure the end date is set to 10th November 2019.

Can you tell me a little more about the day itself – parking facilities, bathroom facilities, lunch, etc?
You can keep up to date with news and information about the Dickie Dip by joining our Facebook Group for the event. The location of the private beach in Skerries will only be disclosed to people who use our sign up form in that group to register as participants. There will be parking facilities, bathroom facilities, a place to get lunch and hot drinks after your dip and there will also be stewards, marshalls and lifeguards on the day.

What if I’m not a man but I still want to help raise funds?
This event is targeted at men but we will take all the help we can get to raise funds for prostate cancer patient care! Please email to get involved in making a life-saving difference.

How will the money raised help patients of the Mater Public Hospital?
Taking part in community events like the Dickie Dip will raise funds for state-of-the-art surgical equipment. This will change prostate cancer patient care by accelerating waiting lists, reducing potential complications arising from surgery and ultimately returning men faster and safer to their families, friends and their normal lives. This surgical equipment is already available to patients in private hospitals, where the benefits are being clearly experienced, so it is the focus of the Mater Foundation to bring it to the Mater Public Hospital where it will radically change outcomes for public healthcare patients.


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