Could you take on 3,000 Squats Challenge in November to raise funds for breast cancer care in the Mater Hospital?

It’s a tough challenge, but it’ll help critically ill women and it will keep you healthy too.

By joining the Mater Foundation’s 3,000 Squats in November, you’ll be raising funds to help provide cancer screening equipment in the Breast Health Clinic in the Mater, making an incredible difference to patient care.

We have created a Facebook Group of people like you who are doing this challenge. You can also join our Just Giving Campaign Page to take part if you’re not on Facebook!

Any questions? Take a look at the FAQs or email us at

How does the 3,000 Squats in November Challenge work? 
You have 30 days to do 3,000 squats in the month of November! You can track your squats using our beginner friendly planner, or an app. Then post an update to your fundraiser page daily or weekly to get your Finisher’s Pop Socket.

How do I keep count of my squats? 
You’ll receive a print tracker to track the total number of squats done daily. At the end all finishers get a Pop Socket!

How do I prove that I have completed 3,000 Squats in November?
As part of this challenge, you must set up a 30 Day Squat Challenge Fundraising Page for the Mater Foundation on Facebook or Just Giving. Using that page, you’ll post your squats weekly or daily after every workout depending on preference. These pages are linked to the Mater Foundation and we’ll be able to see your progress.

Do I have to set up a Fundraising Page?
This is a virtual challenge so you have to set up a fundraising page. We use them to track your progress and give you a pop socket. You can use them to raise funds or make a once off donation to yourself. It does not matter how much you raise on the page just as long as it is set up. If you don’t have a Facebook account to set up a page on Facebook, you can set up a page on Just Giving.

How will the money I raise help breast cancer patients?

By taking on our 3,000 Squats in November challenge, you will help us to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer patients the Mater Public Hospital.

Thanks to the funds you raise, we will be able to continue to transform breast cancer care to save even more lives.

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