10,000 Steps a Day in May 2021

By walking 300,000 steps in May, you’ll help raise vital funds for patient care in the Mater Hospital.

It’s a tough challenge, but it’ll help critically ill people and will keep you healthy too!

To get started, all you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps.

1) Create a Challenge Page at this link, it only takes 45 seconds!
2) Download the Pacer app on Android (here) or iPhone (here) to keep count of your steps
3) Post a count of your steps on a weekly or daily basis to your Challenge Page once May begins

It’s that simple!

We’ve also created a Facebook Group of people just like you who are doing this challenge right now. You can join it to see how they’re getting on and ask questions, or you can get in touch with our Community Fundraising Officer David by emailing fundraising@materfoundation.ie

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start?
10,000 Steps A Day begins on May 1st. You’re welcome to walk, run, or both. The speed doesn’t matter, only the total steps!

How do I track my distance?
The best way is to use your smart phone! Your phone might have a health app that will count your steps for you. You can download Pacer or a similar app. Otherwise if you have a Fitbit or activity tracker, then you can use that instead.

How do I prove that I have completed the 10, 000 Steps?
As part of this challenge, you will be asked to set up a 10,000 Steps A Day Facebook Fundraising Page for the Mater Foundation where you can post a count of your steps weekly, or daily, depending on your preference. These pages are linked to the Mater Foundation and we’ll be able to see the total steps you’ve achieved throughout the month. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you’re welcome to use GoFundMe.

How do I set up a 10,000 Steps A Day Facebook Page?
Visit  https://www.facebook.com/fund/materfoundation/ and wait for the pop-up to set up a page. Please add ’10,000 Steps’ in your page title so we can easily find you and make double sure the end date is set to 3rd July 2020.

When will I get my sponsorship pack?
You will receive your sponsorship pack by post in the last 10 days of April. You can check that your name and address are on the list for packs at any time by emailing David our Community Fundraising Officer at fundraising@materfoundation.ie

Do I have to set up a 10,000 Steps A Day Facebook Page?
Yes. You have to set up a page so that we can track your steps and also because a fundraising page is a fantastic way of raising funds for patient care. It does not matter how much you raise just as long as the page is set up, and that you are updating it with your progress.

How much money do I have to raise?
All we ask for is your best effort. If 10 friends or family members donate €10, that’s €100 raised for patient care in the Mater!

How will the money I raise help patients of The Mater Public Hospital?
 Taking part in challenges like 10,000 Steps a Day in May raises vital funds for life-saving medical equipment and ground-breaking research in the Mater. The Mater is a national hospital for heart and lung transplantation, spinal injuries, cancer care and family heart screening for SADS and other dangerous genetic conditions. To help show how your steps really matter, we will share a story every week over the next month via Facebook and email that tells you how you’re making a difference to our patients’ lives through this fundraising challenge.


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