• Solar Simulator
  • HIPEC Perfusion System
  • Sleepover Sofas
  • Surgical devices
  • Self INR testing
  • Samaritan Fund
  • A Solar Simulator for Dermatology -€46,395.60

    The Mater Dermatology Department provides a national service for photosensitivity testing, treating children and adults from all over the country. Formal photosensitivity testing is the only definitive test diagnosing photosensitivity and is an essential in providing high quality care for patients suffering from photosensitive disorders.

    Solar simulator testing for the photosensitive patient has been available in the Mater Hospital for 20 years. The solar simulator was no longer in working order, causing an increased waiting list. Due to the age of the equipment, repair was impossible as replacement parts are no longer available. In the absence of this specialist facility, patients would have to travel to the UK for solar simulator testing. In 2013 the Mater Foundation with thanks to generous donations from the public was in a position to fund a new Solar Simulator for the Dermatology Department in the Mater.

    HIPEC Perfusion System for Cancer Surgery - €25,000

    In Ireland, the majority of patients with peritoneal surface malignancy are treated with palliative intent. It is however increasingly accepted that certain patients may benefit from a certain form of surgery known as Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC). This approach has been shown to significantly increase survival times, improve quality of life and potentially offer cure to patients with this type of aggressive cancer.

    In 2013, with thanks to funding from the Mater Foundation, the Mater Hospital was in a position to part-fund this trail-blazing equipment.  It was the first time that this treatment was offered in a public hospital in Ireland and it was a huge success for all involved.

    Sleepover Sofas for End of Life Care - €5,000

    In 2013 the Mater Foundation began working with Mater Hospital staff on improving end of life care in the Hospital. An issue that urgently needed to be addressed was that it was very difficult for families of critically or terminally ill patients to stay overnight in the hospital with their loved one. Families often have to sleep in chairs or in make shift beds on the floor. As you can imagine this makes it awkward and uncomfortable for families who are already facing an exceptionally distressing time in their lives.

    In order to provide this care the Mater Foundation funded the purchase of 4 sleepover sofas for family rooms in the Mater Hospital. These sofas make an invaluable huge difference to patients and their families at a very difficult time in their lives. It is such a precious resource for the staff of the Mater Hospital to be able to give families of critically and terminally ill patients the chance to stay overnight with their loved ones. It means that individuals can give 24hour support to their loved one when it is needed most.

    Surgical devices for Urology - €14,000

    In 2013 the Mater Foundation was delighted to fund the improvement of Urological Surgical Services at the Mater Hospital. The purchase of a Turner Warwick Prostatectomy Ring Retractor and a Flexible Cytoscope for the Urology will mean that patient care, recovery and outcome have greatly improved.

    A Ring Retractor is an essential piece of kit required to perform high quality prostate cancer surgery. The establishment of a Prostate Cancer Centre at the Mater meant that this equipment was vital for the large numbers of men undergoing prostatectomies at the Mater Hospital. The Ring Retractor allows for a less painful surgery with a speedier recovery and quicker discharge for patients.

    The Flexible Cytoscope is most often required in an emergency situation to help with catheter insertions. Until the Mater Foundation funded this equipment there was no Flexible Cytoscope available in Mater Hospital theatres for out of hours emergency situations. The provision of this equipment is a massive bonus for patient care at the Mater.

    Self INR testing for warfarin - €21,168

    In 2013 the Mater Foundation supported a project to empower patients to participate in the own care. At present 120-150 patients travel to the Mater Hospital each week for a blood test to determine how much warfarin they require to effectively treat their illness. It is a time and labour consuming process for a simple blood test.

    The Mater Warfarin Clinic has recently launched home testing for long term warfarin users and the programme has been very successful. This allows patients to test themselves at home or at work to determine how much warfarin they require. Unfortunately not all patients who are suitable for home testing can avail of it as the equipment required is too expensive. In 2013 the Mater Foundation funded 30 testing meters for suitable patients who would otherwise not be able to avail of this wonderful service.

    Mater Hospital Samaritan Fund - €1,000

    The Samaritan Fund administered by the Mater Hospital’s Social Work Department provides assistance to many patients and their families who pass through the Mater Hospital. This assistance can take many forms including: meal vouchers for relatives, clothing for patients for in-hospital use and day clothing for on discharge, travel expenses for patients on discharge and/or visiting relatives and ‘comfort’ funding for patients.

    These are regular items of expenditure for the hospitals social workers to offer support to who are in need and attending the hospital. Often it can be as simple as buying a pair of pyjamas for a needy patient.

    In 2013 the Mater Foundation gave a grant of €1,000 to assist the Samaritan Fund to continue to offer this support to patients.