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  • Pressure relieving seating
  • Mental health education
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  • Grants provided in 2014

    In 2014, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we donated just over €2.7 million to Departments, Wards and Clinics within the Mater Hospital.

    Some of the disciplines within the hospital which have benefitted from these grants are:

    • Breasthealth Mater – €147,431
    • Family Heart Screening Clinic – €344,222
    • Part funding of MRI – €500,000
    • Catherine McAuley Day Centre for Elderly – €38,714
    • Grants by Wards/Departments who hold special accounts – €1,039,387
    • St Vincent’s Day Ward – €548,593

    New wheelchairs for the Mater - €5,698

    In early 2014 the Mater Foundation was approached by the Portering Department in the Mater as they were desperately in need of new wheelchairs. With the help of the Friends of the Mater Committee the Mater Foundation was able to provide funding for 20 new wheelchairs.

    The benefits of the new wheelchairs to the Mater patients are immense. They have given our Porters the ability to take patients to x-rays and appointments quickly thus eliminating any delay in the provision of treatment. The greater number of wheelchairs also gives porters the option to leave patients sitting in their wheelchair whilst waiting for an x-ray or an appointment allowing greater ease and comfort for the patient. Family and friends visiting their loved ones can now take them to areas such as the reflection garden and coffee shops and spend some crucial time away from the Ward. This can be a huge benefit to patients who are in the hospital for a long period of time, especially those on the transplant list or receiving treatment for cancer. As many patients leaving the hospital on discharge have to be taken to their waiting car by wheelchair, the provision of more wheelchairs allows these patients to be discharged quickly freeing up beds for more patients and causing less anxiety for the patient going home.

    This grant has made a massive difference to patient treatment, comfort and independence during their time in the Mater Hospital. It also allows our staff to offer the best possible care to their patients at all times.

    Pressure relieving seating for elderly patients - €5,545

    The Mater Foundation funded pressure relieving cushions, standard orthopaedic seating with high pressure relieving seats and a comfort chair for the specialist geriatric ward in the Mater in 2014. Elderly patients are often very frail when they are admitted to hospital and they are at a very high risk of deconditioning due to reduced mobility and acute medical conditions and thus there is a very high risk that these patients will develop pressure sores.


    Comfort seating for these patients is essential for quality of life and comfort while they are in hospital. This special seating can also facilitate increased interaction with family and friends during their stay. Ultimately by minimising complications resulting from pressure sores this seating can ensure a shorter stay in hospital and a much faster discharge. The provision of this seating by the Mater Foundation has greatly enhanced patient care and comfort and this would not have been possible without the support of our donors.

    Mental health education for patients - €4,615

    Every year up to 2,000 patients attend the Mater’s Emergency Department with mental health difficulties and over 2,500 referrals are made to the Psychiatry service in the Mater. The Mater Foundation funded a project which aims to empower mental health patients and their families in recognising and understanding their symptoms and becoming skilled at managing their own healthcare needs.
    The project has two parts, the first involves producing informational leaflets on the main mental health difficulties which are seen in patient’s attending the Mater including anxiety, depression, insomnia, OCD, schizophrenia and eating disorders. The second part involves psychological therapy by way of bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy is the use of materials such as books, workbooks and computer programmes for the purpose of understanding and solving problems. This project has many benefits for patient’s health, wellbeing and quality of life. It helps patient’s to understand symptoms that are expected or normal and those that warrant a visit to a healthcare professional. This type of psycho-education offers a cost effective way of improving mental health as well as improving patient safety and wellbeing.

    Samaritan fund - €7,699.34

    The Mater Social Work Department’s Samaritan Fund provides essential assistance to patients and their families who pass through the hospital every day.  Through this crucial fund support is given to people in need of essential items such as food, clothing for a patient (in hospital and on discharge) and travel expense. It provides general comfort for patients and families who are at their most vulnerable.

    On the 7th March 2014 the annual Mater Charity Ball took place in the Four Season’s Hotel. The Ball was a huge success thanks to the generosity and support of the fantastic staff of the Mater Hospital. €7,699.34 was raised on the night in aid of the Samaritan Fund in the Mater Hospital. These funds are used by the Hospital’s Social Work Department to support our most vulnerable patients when they need it most.