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  • Ultrasound Equipment
  • Comfort Seating
  • The Following were allocated in 2012

    Through our grants programme the Mater Foundation has funded a number of programmes and equipment this year which include a small assistance grant for a terminally ill cancer patient, a fellowship in pelvic surgery, funding for a new kryo surgery system and a research grant for prostate cancer.

    Our main focus in 2012 and into 2013 is to raise money to equip a new Hybrid Theatre which is named after the renowned heart surgeon Mr Maurice Neligan,a man who gave many years of his life in service to his patients in the Mater, it is hoped to have this theatre available to patients from all over Ireland as soon as possible. The Mater Foundation together with the Neligan family and consultants launched the Maurice Neligan Tribute Fund Appeal to help fund the purchase of a ZeegoCArm, an intrinsic piece of equipment for the theatre. This will help bring the first Hybrid Theatre to a public hospital in Ireland.

    Our aim over the next two years is to raise €700,000 towards this project. If you would like to donate directly to the Maurice Neligan Heart & Vascular Theatre click here.

    Ultrasound Equipment - €29,520

    Chronic pain affects up to 35% of the adult population in Ireland. Ultrasound can be used in pain management to aid diagnosis and in order to guide interventional techniques. It has frequently been referred to as the third eye. There are many advantages to using ultrasound for interventional pain management both from the point of view of cost reduction but also sparing radiation exposure to both staff and patients.

    Through our grants programme in 2012 the Mater Foundation funded new Ultrasound Equipment for the Department of Pain Management in the Mater Hospital.

    Comfort Seating for Palliative Patients - €9,894.64

    Comfort seating for patients at end of life is essential to maximise quality of life and comfort. It is essential to improve both respiratory and digestive function which minimises discomfort and distress. Comfort seating also facilitates comfortable positioning and optimises pressure relief. Comfort seating may also facilitate patient personal goals at end of life including increased endurance for sitting out and increased interaction with family and friends.

    With the support of the Mater Foundation in 2012 the Occupational Therapy team in the Mater were in a position to purchase 7 new specially designed comfort chairs for exclusive use by palliative patients.