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  • 10 Years of Success
  • 10 Years Saving Lives All Over Ireland

    Only because of your support has the Mater Hospital’s Family Heart Screening Clinic been able to test at-risk families – mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters – throughout Ireland.

    Watch the impact of your generosity and please share for others to see.

    The Mater’s Family Heart Screening Clinic is marking 10 years of life-saving testing this February. Almost entirely funded by the Mater Foundation, we are asking for your amazing support once more in 2017.

    Almost 9,000 people have been tested since 2007, and since last year children as young as 8 are being screened. The clinic is also engaged in pioneering research into conditions such as SADS.

    We Need Your Help This Year

    After 10 years of use, the clinic’s equipment needs to be upgraded. So many families – mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters – have come come to the clinic to be tested for inherited cardiac conditions.

    This February, we need to raise €95,000 to purchase a new ECHO machine for the Family Heart Screening Clinic – a vital piece of equipment that will take clearer images of the heart and lead to quicker diagnoses during an often difficult time.

    You helped fund the very first ECHO at the Family Heart Screening Clinic, and since then almost 9,000 hearts have been seen, with life-saving diagnoses carried out. This February, we’re depending on you once more to help keep families together.

    You can make the difference this year, so make a donation, organise an event, or get in touch to see how you can support.

    Support the Heart Appeal

    The Family Heart Screening Clinic receives limited government funding and depends entirely on the generosity of the public. Your support has made such a difference for so many families all over Ireland since 2007, and we hope you’ll reach our target of €95,000 this February.

    Donations to The Mater Heart Appeal can be made online or by calling the office on (01) 830 3482

    You can also lend your support by purchasing heart badges which are on sale around the country, or even become a heart badge seller in your local area. Please get in touch to learn more.

    For more information contact the Mater Foundation on (01) 830 3482 or email heartappeal@materfoundation.ie.

    The Clinic

    The Mater Foundation is fighting inherited cardiac conditions such SADS through funding of the Family Heart Screening Clinic. The clinic offers care, support, counselling and screening to families bereaved or living with an inherited cardiac condition.

    Since the clinic began in 2007 almost 9,000 family members have been screened.

    This remarkable figure is purely down to the generosity of our supporters, without whom the clinic simply could not operate. This support has meant lives have been saved and families have been spared the heartache of more tragic losses.

    10 Years of Success

    2006: Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Joe Galvin, begins his campaign for support to fund a lifesaving Family Heart Screening Clinic and is supported by the Mater Foundation.

    2007: The Family Heart Screening Clinic at The Mater Hospital officially opens and begins its lifesaving screening on families from all over Ireland.

    2011: “The Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young Registry” is published providing increased understanding on the underlying causes of sudden death in young people in Ireland.

    2014: Cardiology Research Fellow Darragh Moran starts research to identify the genetic abnormalities which cause inherited cardiac conditions in Ireland – a huge step towards identifying genetic markers for families most at risk.

    2016: The Family Heart Screening Clinic begins paediatric screening on children from eight years old upwards. The FHSC aim to broaden this to include children as young as three in the future.