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  • BreastHealth Mater

    The BreastHealth Unit is strategically positioned alongside the Eccles Unit of the National Breast Screening Programme. BreastHealth provides a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic service to women presenting with breast cancer symptoms.

    Since fundraising began over €2.6 million has been allocated to the Breast Cancer Unit.

    Family Heart Screening Clinic

    The Mater Foundation is fighting SADS by providing the Family Heart Screening Clinic. The clinic offers care, support, counselling and screening to families bereaved or living with an inherited cardiac condition.

    The clinic receives no government funding and relies on your support to raise the €300,000 needed each year to open its doors.

    The Catherine McAuley Day Care Centre

    This project receives on-going financial support from the Mater Foundation.

    It is situated in Leo Street and provides respite care for the elderly in the local area between the hours of 9.30 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Lunch is provided together with tea/coffee in the mornings and afternoons.

    Two Nurses and a team of volunteers staff the Centre, social activities and Blessing of the Sick takes place regularly.

    Bespoke Seating System for transplant patients

    With your help we bought a bespoke seating system for the Heart and Lung Transplant Unit.

    These chairs aid exercise for patients recovering from a transplant.  They help patients who can’t cover large distances, and are strategically placed along the corridor to facilitate movement.

    They help patients get home quicker by aiding rehabilitation.

    Ciarán Maree Cancer Research Fund

    The Ciarán Maree Cancer Research and Development Fund was set up by the family and friends of Ciarán in the hope of raising money for cancer in a bid to improve cancer treatments and patient care.

    Click here to find out more

    New Wheelchairs for the Mater

    A shortage in wheelchairs was leading to patients waiting longer for X-rays and other hospital appointments.

    The waiting around causes unnecessary stress and discomfort for patients.

    The Mater Foundation therefore stepped in and provided 20 new wheelchairs for the Mater.

    Pressure relieving seating for elderly patients

    Elderly patients are often frail when admitted and at risk of deconditioning and pressure sores.

    Comfort seating is therefore essential for quality of life and comfort.

    Together we provided pressure relieving cushions, standard orthopaedic seating with high pressure relieving seats and a comfort chair for the specialist geriatric ward.


    Mental health education for patients

    Every year up to 2,000 patients attend the Mater’s Emergency Department with mental health difficulties and over 2,500 referrals are made to the Psychiatry service in the Mater.

    We fund a project which aims to empower mental health patients and their families in recognising and understanding their symptoms and becoming skilled at managing their own healthcare needs.

    Samaritan fund

    The Samaritan Fund provides essential assistance to patients and their families.  Support is given to people in need of essential items such as food, clothing for a patient (in hospital and on discharge) and travel expenses. It provides general comfort for patients and families who are at their most vulnerable.

    A Solar Simulator for Dermatology

    The Mater Dermatology Department provides a national service for photosensitivity testing, treating children and adults from all over the country.

    The solar simulator was no longer in working order, causing an increased waiting list. Due to the age of the equipment, repair was impossible as replacement parts are no longer available. In the absence of this specialist facility, patients would have to travel to the UK for solar simulator testing. Together we funded a new Solar Simulator for the Dermatology Department in the Mater.

    HIPEC Perfusion System for Cancer Surgery

    In Ireland, the majority of patients with peritoneal surface malignancy are treated with palliative intent. It is however increasingly accepted that certain patients may benefit from Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC). This approach has been shown to significantly increase survival times, improve quality of life and potentially offer a cure to patients with this type of aggressive cancer.

    Together we part-funded this trail-blazing equipment.  It was the first time that this treatment was offered in a public hospital in Ireland and a huge success for all involved.

    End of Life Care

    To date the Mater Hospital has opened seven family rooms and the goal is to open one in every ward of the hospital. These rooms are a vital sanctuary for families experiencing a bereavement, and could not have been opened without the dedicated support and fundraising of the general public and staff of the hospital.

    43% of people in Ireland die in acute hospitals. It is so important for them and their families that provision is put in place that will enable them to have a peaceful death amongst the people that they love.