A New Heart and a New Lease of Life

“I was in hospital for 10 months. I had a viral heart disease, then a stroke, then major surgery for a heart transplant. Pretty much every piece of life saving equipment that exists in a hospital was used on me.”

Damien Keogh suffered a stroke whilst in hospital for viral myocarditis, an inflammatory heart disease. His surgery reached a critical point, with 92 units of blood being used on him in a 24 hour period. Stabilised and moved to intensive care, David later took up home in the Cardiothoracic High Dependency Unit or CTHDU where he waited on a heart transplant, needed to save his life.

Thanks to his heart donor and the incredible work of his surgical team, Damien had a successful transplant. Discharged from intensive care after a week after the operation,  his recovery went smoothly. The best bit? He received permission to leave hospital for a very important event.

“I went from literally dying in a bed to being able to attend my best friend Stuart’s wedding. My surgeon made arrangements for me to get my hair cut and my suit fitted on the hospital ward. When I got to the church on the day, the other guests were staring at me. They couldn’t believe the change that had taken place.”

Damien and his family and his friend Stuart's wedding

Damien with his family at close friend Stuart’s wedding


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