Transforming Cancer Surgical Care

The campaign for a Robotic Surgical Programme


The Mater Hospital aims to bring a Robotic Surgical Programme to public patients in Ireland.  The preferred practice globally, robotic assisted surgery will enable our surgeons to perform complex procedures with more accuracy, control, and precision.

Our campaign ‘Transforming Cancer Surgical Care’ will provide a €5 million Robotic Surgical Programme that will allow the Hospital to advance the service it provides to all patients. We have the surgical expertise in place to utilise robotic surgery immediately. We need your help to make this a reality.

The success of this campaign will enable the most comprehensive Robotic Surgical Programme in Ireland, encompassing a high volume of surgeries across multiple disciplines through:

  • Phase 1: The purchasing of a robot
  • Phase 2: Delivering a robotic surgical unit
  • Phase 3: Developing a teaching and training centre.

Investing in this €5 million Robotic Surgical Programme will have a profound impact on our patients, allowing them a faster and better recovery and return to daily life and family. With your support we can deliver equity, efficiency, and excellent cancer patient care.


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