We were delighted to welcome 40 PwC volunteers to the Hospital’s Elderly Day Care Centre and Post- Acute Services Centre on Friday, May 18th.  A busy and productive day, ten of the volunteers worked together to paint and decorate the ground floor of the Elderly Day Care Centre, including the dining rooms and sitting room used by elderly clients on a daily basis.

The remaining Pwc staff arrived at Post- Acute Services Centre to help the residents ‘pimp my Zimmer’; an activity which encouraged the patients of the Centre to decorate their walkers with a range of accessories. Decorating walkers has been proven to reduce the number of falls for their owners, as well as making the Zimmer frame more identifiable.

Several volunteers took a trip down memory lane, framing pictures of Old Dublin, and placing them throughout the wards. Remembering old times helps to trigger memories, which improves the cognitive abilities of patients with dementia. It was a practical, fun filled morning.

In the afternoon, the patients and volunteers sat down to a traditional afternoon tea, followed by a sing song. Patients thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to chat with their younger guests.  At the hospital’s Elderly Day Care Centre, PwC volunteers finished painting the downstairs of the building, which looks completely revitalised with fresh coats of paint on ceilings, walls and doors.

Community Day is a celebration of PwC’s commitment to local communities and allows PwC employees to give back their time and labour for one day – Friday 18th May. It is a valuable opportunity for staff to volunteer and gain a ‘hands on’ experience, assisting charities and community organisations with specific projects like painting and decorating and engaging in social activities.

Mary Moorhead, CEO of the Mater Foundation, commented “This is an absolutely fantastic initiative by PwC. The Mater Hospital services the IFSC and so much of Dublin’s business community, and it is wonderful to see business leaders such as PwC support the Mater Hospital. For elderly patients and residents who use the Mater Hospital’s community services, this was a lovely experience for them to meet with young professionals.  Social interaction between generations is so important and I want to personally thank the wonderful PwC volunteers for their hard work and for inviting us to be a part of their Community Day.”

Ciara Dowling, Clinic Nurse Manager at Post-Acute Services remarked “The volunteers did an amazing job.  It is evident that the day was a big success.  Events like these are a lot of work but it’s really worth it when you see the smile on the patients faces “.

Rose Marie McNamara of PwC stated “By engaging with the Mater Foundation and the Mater Hospital’s community initiatives, PwC volunteers learned about patient care, specifically the daily challenges elderly residents and patients with dementia face.  As part of our Annual Community Day initiative, we were delighted that 40 staff volunteered to take part in practical projects and activities that benefited the elderly patients of the Mater Hospital.”


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