Alan Kelly’s (‘the great AK’) story of survival from cancer is a remarkable one. Currently in remission from a four year battle with both prostate cancer and acute myeloid leukaemia, he counts every new day as a blessing.

Initially diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014, Alan was put in the care of a medical oncologist, Professor John McCaffrey at the Mater Hospital. Following the care he received there, Alan organised a hugely successful charity evening centred on ‘The Importance of Resilience’ on July 12th.

He raised a phenomenal €3,000, presented to the Mater Foundation on July 30th.

“My motto now is ‘Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain,'” he says with a smile. I don’t know, no more than anybody else knows, what’s ahead. All I do know is that I’m very high-risk; that I’ve had two life-threatening cancers and I’m walking around on fumes today my bloods are so weak.

My leukaemia is gone but for how long who knows? But then who knows anything? There’s no doubt I’m a walking miracle. The point about this is, you must fight. If you think you can overcome something, there’s always a chance that you will. And remember this. Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.”

Alan continues to receive care in the Mater Hospital, equipped with an unrelenting resilience that helps carry him through his treatment.


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