10 years fighting inherited cardiac conditions was only possible because of supporters like you. 

The Family Heart Screening Clinic was set up to reduce the number of tragic deaths due to inherited cardiac conditions and has resulted in almost 9,000 people being screened at the Family Heart Screening Clinic since Cardiologist Dr. Joe Galvin sought support for it in 2006.

From the infographic you’ll see just how far the clinic – and indeed the level of care – has come. Just last year, for example, the clinic started screening children’s hearts (those as young as 8), and in the future is looking to test children as young as 3 years of age. The clinic is also involved in research into the underlying causes of inherited cardiac conditions, which is absolutely necessary if their prevalence is to be understood in Ireland.

This February, the Mater Foundation wants to take a big step towards that target by raising €95,000 for a new ECHO imaging machine that will allow clearer images of the heart to be taken. The Mater Foundation’s supporters got us there in 2007 when the clinic opened, and we hope you’ll help us once more this month to make it a reality.

To support our Heart Appeal, please get in touch with us at heartappeal@materfoundation.ie or donate online to make another incredible difference to those most at-risk of sudden cardiac death.

And if you’d like to learn a little more about the Family Heart Screening Clinic’s amazing work, why not watch our animated video below.


Heart Appeal 2017 – Why We Need You from Mater Foundation on Vimeo.


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