We’d like to say ‘Thank You’ to all givers at the AIB Charity Fair on Dec 1st for helping our hospital patients get well!

AIB staff at the AIB Bank Centre in Ballsbridge were wonderfully generous last Thursday. They gave donations at our stall to help hospital patients get well during the AIB Charity Fair. The money raised will make a real and lasting difference to patients this Christmas. So if you’re reading this and you donated to us, thank you very much!

It’s because of the generosity of supporters like you that the Mater Hospital has state-of-the-art equipment and can offer first class care. You’re helping patients like those facing bad news this Christmas. The patient might be a cancer care patient in St Vincent’s Ward or a homeless patient receiving a care package when leaving the hospital. Or they might be someone you know. And your support at the AIB Charity Fair and elsewhere will help them.

Our stall at the wonderful AIB Charity Fair on December 1st

You can read more about patients whose lives and care you’re helping to improve at this link to their stories. We interview patients every week to ask them about their healthcare journeys. So you can read about the difference you’re making to a person in that person’s own words at our Humans of the Mater section.

You make a huge difference by giving at Christmas to the Mater. As the festive season draws near, most people in hospital want to be home. But their condition means that they need to continue to receive care. They need their treatments to continue like it’s any other day. But thanks to people like you, there are now family rooms on wards like St Vincent’s Ward in the Mater. These rooms provide comfort to visiting relatives and patients. They make them feel at home. And that can be hugely important to a person’s well being during their healthcare.

You can see the difference you provide in the words of patients like Ciara, photographed above.

“I can honestly say, in a thousand ways, everything was done to make the worst time of my life more bearable. I remember one of the nurses, Jackie, brought in DVDs for me to watch. They let my family keep me company late in the evening when I couldn’t sleep. I could see they needed more rooms for families to stay overnight. Because I found that really comforting when I was missing home.”

There are patients like Ciara that come in every day to the Mater Hospital even over the Christmas holidays. But thanks to events like the AIB Charity Fair, they are given the care they need to get home as soon as possible. So thank you for contributing and if you’d like to host the Mater Foundation for another event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can be reached Monday to Friday on 01 830 3482 or by email at contact@materfoundation.com


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