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  • The Mater Hospital Foundation

    Established in 1985 as the official fundraising body of The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, we are now the largest adult hospital foundation in Ireland.

    Funds raised are used to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, enhance facilities, develop special programmes and invest in medical research.


    To inspire and enable financial support, to aid in the provision of exceptional patient care.


    The Mater Foundation believes that healthcare is a basic human right and strives to raise funds on behalf of the Mater Hospital, to enhance patient care and act as responsible stewards of the resources we raise.


    • To enhance patient care, characterised by high quality, integrity and respect for recipients.
    • To be transparent and accountable.
    • To respect and value people.

    Our Team

    • Mary Moorhead

      Chief Executive

      Mary Moorhead

      Chief Executive

      "When I joined The Mater Foundation in September 2003 I was amazed by the variety and significance of the work of the organisation. Since 2003 I am delighted to say that the organisation has grown from strength to strength. Through the support of our amazing donors our revenue has increased significantly which means we are able to allocate more funding to the Hospital to enhance patient care. We are now a busy team working hard, raising money to support the patients of the Mater Hospital, through enhanced facilities, ground breaking research and a variety of other programmes. Please feel free to contact me or any of the team below to support our work. Thank you"

      Phone: 01 8032086

      Email: mmoorhead@materfoundation.ie

    • Tom Hickey

      Head of Fundraising & Communications

      Tom Hickey

      Head of Fundraising & Communications

      Tom joined our team in November 2015. He brings with him over ten years’ experience in fundraising as well as a background in the healthcare sector. In his role as Head of Fundraising & Communications he leads our team to develop all areas of our fundraising to continue to grow our support and funding to enhance patient care at The Mater Hospital.

      Phone: 01-8032135

      Email: thickey@materfoundation.ie

    • Elizabeth Kearns

      Fundraising Coordinator

      Elizabeth Kearns

      Fundraising Coordinator

      Elizabeth joined our fundraising team after moving from England in the summer of 2007 and has been a much welcomed addition to our team. Elizabeth plays a key role in the running of the fundraising department and especially in the coordination of our annual raffle appeals.

      Phone: 01 803 2060

      Email: ekearns@materfoundation.ie

    • Lydia Bentley

      Hospital Liaison Fundraising Officer

      Lydia Bentley

      Hospital Liaison Fundraising Officer

      Lydia joined the Mater Foundation team in 2012. Lydia’s role as Hospital Liaison Fundraising Officer is to act as a link between the Mater Hospital staff and the Mater Foundation on any queries that they may have relating to fundraising and the work of the Mater Foundation. Lydia also supports the rest of the fundraising team in their work.

      Phone: 01 803 2202

      Email: lbentley@materfoundation.ie

    • Kayleigh Biggs

      Donor Care Officer

      Kayleigh Biggs

      Donor Care Officer

      Kayleigh joined the Mater Foundation in October 2010 to work as Heart House administrator. Since then Kayleigh has been looking after the patients and donors who visit us in Heart House. More recently Kayleigh has taken on the role as Donor Care Officer ensuring all our much valued donors and thanked and supported and kept updated on our work.

      Phone: 01 803 2060

      Email: kbiggs@materfoundation.ie

    • Melissa Biggs

      Heart House Administrator

      Melissa Biggs

      Heart House Administrator

      Melissa joined the Mater Foundation in February 2014 to work as the Heart House Receptionist and Administrator. Melissa creates a warm and welcoming environment to all who pass through Heart House, be they donors, doctors or patients. Melissa also assists the Fundraising team with the numerous appeals they work on.

      Phone: 01 803 4268

      Email: mbiggs@materfoundation.ie

    • Delia Marin

      Finance Officer

      Delia Marin

      Finance Officer

      Delia joined the Mater Foundation in August 2008 to work as our Finance Officer. Delia is a very welcome addition to the team and happy to help with any finance questions you have.

      Phone: 01 803 2848

      Email: dmarin@materfoundation.ie

    • Ian Lacey

      Marketing and Communications Officer

      Ian Lacey

      Marketing and Communications Officer

      Ian arrived at the Mater Foundation in July 2016 and is responsible for raising awareness and visibility of its work. He does this through managing the website and social media channels, engaging with the press, and assisting the fundraising team to promote ways to support the Mater. He has strong experience in charity marketing and communications and loves to share stories of the incredible work the Mater Hospital does thanks to the help our amazing supporters.

      Phone: 01 803 2061

      Email: ilacey@materfoundation.ie


    2015 Board of Directors

    Mr Declan McCourt, Chairman

    Mr Joe Bannon

    Ms Caroline Pigott

    Prof Tim Lynch

    Prof Conor O’Keane

    Prof Patrick Wall

    Mr John Malone

    Mr Neil Bannon

    The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

    Founded in 1852 – and officially opening its doors in 1861 – the Mater Hospital currently serves approximately 66,000 patients from throughout Ireland every year. It is rooted in the heart of Dublin City, East Leinster, and indeed the nation.

    For over 150 years it has been a centre of excellence in medical teaching, and provides the best patient care to people irrespective of their means.

    It is home to:

    • The largest Irish 24-hour ‘On-Call’ Accident and Emergency Service
    • The National Cardiac Unit
    • The National Spinal Injuries Unit
    • Ireland’s only Heart & Lung Transplant Unit
    • The largest teaching hospital associated with University College Dublin Medical School

    It also helped to form Ireland’s first academic medical centre – Dublin Academic Health Care.

    The Mater has over 600 beds and employs over 2,300 staff. You can read more about the hospital and its patient services on its website.

    Fundraising principles

    Guiding Principles For Fundraising

    The Mater Foundation has adopted the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. See the ICTR website for more information.

    The Board/Trustees and Management of the charity are accountable for the charity’s fundraising activities. Click here for more information.

    Donor Charter

    The Mater Foundation is committed at all times to treating its donors and supporters with the highest level of care and respect. Our donor charter has been produced to assure donors and potential donors of our commitment to honesty, openness, transparency and also our commitment to the Statement of Guiding Principles of Fundraising.

    As a donor to the Mater Foundation you have these rights.

    Complaints Procedure

    We are committed to the highest standard of donor care. We treat all complaints with the utmost seriousness and endeavour to respond politely and promptly. We are committed to learn from any feedback we receive. We are very sorry that we have fallen short in your experience.

    For more information on how to make a complaint click here